Secretary General's speech

We have set up the International Organisation for Development to provide development, relief, health, education and economic services to all needy without discrimination and intolerance. We strive to promote and establish integration, solidarity and compassion in societies through sustainable development and structured support to needy around the world.

We have established a series of comprehensive and targeted programs through which we aim to achieve our deliver our vision of coherent and sustainable societies with equality and peace.

We pray GOD Almighty to guide and help us in fulfilling the mission of this Organization in a way that is required of us and that it will inspire us to righteousness and to facilitate the ways of good and to help us perform this great task. HE is the guardian of this mission and the only ONE able to help us succeed. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Universe.

Vision: Our vision is to establish Leadership in community development.

Mission: The organization seeks to develop and revitalise communities; develop their capacities and enhance their participation in life to become successful individuals.

Our Core Values: Transparency; Justice, Excellence and Partnership.

Objectives of the Organization: The International Organisation for Development seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Calling for the dissemination of human values.
  • Contribution to the development of individuals and communities educational, social, economic and health.
  • Participating in alleviating the suffering of societies and supporting relief and humanitarian projects.
  • Attention to family, children and orphans.
  • Building mosques and caring for imams and preachers.
  • Coordination and integration with international organizations and institutions to achieve sustainable development in needy communities.